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About EBN - Transactional to Transformational

We know virtual networking is everywhere and you can get a really mixed bag!  In January 2021, we created a Networking Mastermind that ditches the transactional feel of most networking groups and focuses on how to be Transformational!  We want to help you build quality relationships that lead to long-term business growth.

We now have members in 12 U.S. state, Canada and beyond!  We specialize in coaches, speakers, trainers and service-based professionals.  If you can do business online, you are probably a great fit for EBN.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are tired of giving more than you receive, hate wasting time networking with people who try to sell you their products, and are exhausted trying to find the right connections....come visit us!  

We do networking differently!  We focus on tracking actions that lead to great relationships, prioritizing quality connections, and building a community that leads to long-term business growth.